Batı Trakya


Land is a component of the daily life and culture in Western Thrace. The region is mainly based on agriculture  and tobacco production, which is a part of social life and tradition in Western Thrace.  The land is identical in the daily life in Western Thrace and tobacco production describes the way the  Turkish minority has lived for long centuries, and still does.

Line-up of Tobacco 

A view from the Turkish peasantry lining up tobacco leafs they cultivate in their lands.
Western Thrace is a home to tobacco production and the majority of the Turkish minority works in agriculture and has a long tradition in the growing of labour-intensive varieties of tobacco, making up over 90 per cent of its producers in the region.
They are active in ‘their own’ segregated section of the local market occupied by minority suppliers (tradesmen, producers, etc.) and customers, and they largely operate within the confines of their community.


A view of talika, a carriage which has on each side two circular openings without glasses, and a donkey or horse in front to haul freight. Peasantry in villages use talikas mostly to carry tobacco, which is mainly produced in Western Thrace.