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Reprimanding ill treatment at refugee camps in Greece - 10.01.2019

Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (Oxfam), international aid organization, condemned the ill treatment made towards thousands of vulnerable people at the refugee camps on Greek islands. In the report published, Oxfam stated that there are many problems such as the refugee camps on Greek islands which are extremely crowded, the dangerous situation of pregnant women and unaccompanied children abandoned to their fate, and the lack of health services and hot water hence Oxfam called the European Union for support. In the statement made by Oxfam, it was underlined that meeting the needs of vulnerable people at the camps is the most fundamental duty of both the Greek government and its European partners.

Poor conditions at the refugee camps on Aegean islands in Greece have been criticized so long. In the report issued in November last year following to the visit of Dunja Mijatović, European Council Human Rights Commissioner to Greece, poor health conditions at the camps accommodating refugees far beyond than the capacity, police violence and sexual assaults against women and children were pointed out. In the report it was particularly mentioned that there is a concern about around three thousand unaccompanied children and noted that the majority of the children are accommodated with the adults in the containers and tents. Moreover, in the statement made in September last year by the Greek Ministry of Migration, it was expressed that the refugee camps on east Aegean islands are occupied far beyond its capacity and more than 20 thousand refugees are accommodated at the camps with the accommodation capacity for 6 thousand 338 refugees.


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» Reprimanding ill treatment at refugee camps in Greece
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