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“1 Million Signatures” Campaign has been presented in Komotini and Xanthi - 11.06.2013

The “One million signatures for diversity in Europe” campaign within the framework of “European Citizens’ Initiative of the minorities” pioneered by Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) has been presented in Komotini and Xanthi. In partnership with the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (RDMSZ), South Tyrolean People’s Party (SVP) and Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), the FUEN-initiated European Citizens’ Initiative for minorities, which will be the first step for safeguarding the rights of national and linguistic minorities in Europe, has been in-troduced to Western Thrace Turkish Minority.

At the meeting jointly organised by Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) and Friendship, Equality, Peace Party (DEB) in Komotini, the RDMSZ Vice-President László Borbély expressed support to Western Thrace Turkish Minority by stating “You are not equal citizens in Greece”. Further to his acknowledgements on policies towards minorities, Borbély stressed thanks to the one million signatures campaign, the Western Thrace Turkish Minority will not anymore be the minority of 150.000 people but will be backed by and rely on the solidarity of European minori-ties, which amount to a population of 100 millions.

On behalf of FUEN, Director Jan Diedrichsen revealed they expect DEB Party’s approval as a member and ABTTF President Halit Habipoğlu be elected to FUEN Presidium at 2013 FUEN Congress to take place in Brixen, South Tyrol.

RDMSZ International Secretary Lorant Vincze pointed out their goal as to secure the support of one million signatures at least from seven EU Member States within one year time. Vincze, while providing further details on initiative, emphasized the initiative in its final terms will constitute the first step to form a legal framework in order to guarantee the rights of national minorities through-out Europe on a far-reaching basis.

Borbély and Diedrichsen explained “One Million Signatures” Campaign at the Cheery

The delegation joined Cherry Festival organised by Iasmos Municipality and took place in Asoma-tos, Komotini on 7 June 2013. RDMSZ Vice-President László Borbély addressed the minority members at the festival and stated “As the minorities of Europe, we make up an enormous cherry tree when we get together”. Jan Diedrichsen raised FUEN represents 90 minority association. Fur-thermore, Diedrichsen underlined that “one million signatures” campaign would endow a greater visibility to European minorities.

“1 Million Signatures” Campaign has been presented in Xanthi, as well

A hearing on one million signatures campaign has been held on Saturday, 8 June 2013, during the meeting organised at Xanthi Elena Hotel. FUEN Director Jan Diedrichsen expressed his observa-tions that the visit organised to Western Thrace assured him on Western Thrace Turkish Minority be the most vulnerable one among other European minorities. Diedrichsen further expressed his appreciation and support to the minority, which he described as peaceful and open to dialogue. From there on, Diedrichsen maintained that Western Thrace Turkish Minority is not alone; FUEN, the representative of 90 minority organisations in Europe, is devoted supporter of the Western Thrace Turkish Minority.

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