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EUROPEADA 2012 – the football event in Lusatia, Germany - 01.06.2012

In three weeks the moment will have arrived – from 16 till 24 June, Lusatia will be the host of the EUROPEADA 2012 – the European championships of the autochthonous, national minorities.

The organisers are Domowina – the Federation of Lusatian Sorbs and FUEN, the European umbrella organisation of the over 300 old-established minorities in Europe.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary Domowina gave itself a beautiful gift with its successful application to organise the second EUROPEADA.

20 Teams from 13 countries were admitted to the tournament. Among them the defending champion, the selection from South Tyrol, and some other best-placed teams from the EUROPEADA 2008, the Roma from Hungary, the Croats from Serbia and the Danish minority from Germany.

The teams will be welcomed by the patron of the tournament, Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanisław Tillich, who himself is a Sorb. The opening celebration will take place in Nebelschütz/Njebjelčicy on 16 June.

The local sports associations and municipalities are the reliable partners of the event. The West Lusatian Football Federation will be responsible for the sportive direction of the tournament. In regard to organisation, all strings will come together in the EUROPEADAclub in the Bischof-Benno-House in Schmochtitz/Smochćicy, where on the free day – on Wednesday 20 June, also the cultural event will be taking place.

The matches will be played in 5 groups with each four teams in 8 stadiums. The final will be in the Müllerwiese Stadium in Bautzen.

We expect more than 600 players and their support staff, and more than 500 fans from around Europe who already announced that they will be coming.

“Balla Balla Balla – tak spěwa Łužica – that is how Lusatia is singing” – goes the EUROPEADA 2012 anthem. Please get into the mood for football and for the linguistic and cultural diversity of the tournament!


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