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ABTTF participates at the Meeting of the 10th Anniversary of the Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations

ABTTF conveyed current problems of the Turkish community in Western Thrace with regard to the relations between its homeland Greece and... »
Rejection to Xanthi Turkish Union by the Court of Appeal of Thrace!

Habip Oğlu: “Our trust in justice in our country, Greece, diminishes more in time. However, this decision is rather political not legal, we all know this” »
FUEN calls on Greece to immediately implement the judgements of ECtHR related to the Western Thrace Turkish associations

Western Thrace Turks participated at the FUEN 2018 Congress

At the congress with the theme of “The Message of a Million: Recognition and Protection”, results and future of the successful campaign “Minority SafePack Initiative” were discussed »
Parallel report by ABTTF on the US 2017 International Religious Freedom Report on Greece

ABTTF conveys in its parallel report the problems of the Western Thrace Turkish community in the field of religious freedom. »
US State Department released International Religious Freedom Report

In the section on Greece, official thesis of the Greek state on problems of Western Thrace Turkish community is repeated »
Response by ABTTF to 2017 Greece Human Rights Report

ABTTF, in its parallel report, conveyed current developments about Western Turkish community

The Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) prepared a report in reply to... »
Greece 2017 Human Rights Report by U.S. Department of State released

Halit Habip Oğlu: “As it had been in the past, while the problems of Western Thrace Turks are touched upon deficiently and superficially in... »
Turkish community in Western Thrace demands bilingual minority kindergartens

Halit Habip Oğlu: “We call on our country Greece to act no longer according to political calculations, but rather to establish a... »
1 million signatures campaign for diversity in Europe has reached its goal and resulted in success

Halit Habip Oğlu: “Due to the fear caused as a result of suppression and intimidation policies of the Greek state on national minorities in the... »
Conference by Xanthi Turkish Union in the 10th year of ECtHR judgment

Established in 1927, Xanthi Turkish Union(İTB), of which signboard was removed in 1983 and which was dissolved in 1986 on the ground that it had the word “Turkish” in its name,... »
Written Statement by ABTTF to the UN about the issue of associations

The Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe submitted a written statement entitled, “The pending question of the freedom of association of the Turkish community in... »
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