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Western Thrace Turkish delegation is in Strasbourg

Halit Habip Oğlu, President of ABTTF, and Ozan Ahmetoğlu, President of Xanthi Turkish Union, brought the case of Xanthi Turkish Union which has been waiting for the implementation the ECtHR judgment pending for ten years onto the agenda.  »
Imprisonment and fine for Koray Hasan on the grounds of an accusation for an unauthorized renovation!

Koray Hasan, Ex-President of Komotini Turkish Youth Union (GTGB) founded in 1928, has... »
Boycotts for a better education in the Turkish minority schools in Western Thrace

Halit Habip Oğlu: “As ABTTF, we support the struggle and decision on boycott launched by the parents to ensure a better education... »
Study visit by ABTTF to Western Thrace with the participation of foreign experts

The foreign delegation consisted of the representatives of MRG Europe,... »
ABTTF participates at OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw!

Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) participated at the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting organized on 10-21 September 2018 in Warsaw, capital of Poland, by Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Office for... »
Religious autonomy of the Turkish community in Western Thrace is being abolished!

Halit Habip Oğlu: “It is targeted with the recent presidential decree that mufti offices are... »
ABTTF participates at the Meeting of the 10th Anniversary of the Bolzano/Bozen Recommendations

ABTTF conveyed current problems of the Turkish community in Western Thrace with regard to the relations between its homeland Greece and... »
Rejection to Xanthi Turkish Union by the Court of Appeal of Thrace!

Habip Oğlu: “Our trust in justice in our country, Greece, diminishes more in time. However, this decision is rather political not legal, we all know this” »
FUEN calls on Greece to immediately implement the judgements of ECtHR related to the Western Thrace Turkish associations

Western Thrace Turks participated at the FUEN 2018 Congress

At the congress with the theme of “The Message of a Million: Recognition and Protection”, results and future of the successful campaign “Minority SafePack Initiative” were discussed »
Parallel report by ABTTF on the US 2017 International Religious Freedom Report on Greece

ABTTF conveys in its parallel report the problems of the Western Thrace Turkish community in the field of religious freedom. »
US State Department released International Religious Freedom Report

In the section on Greece, official thesis of the Greek state on problems of Western Thrace Turkish community is repeated »
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