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ABTTF participated at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw

Nabi İbrahimcik, Vice President of the Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) and Melek Kırmacı, International Relations Director participated at the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting organized by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe(OSCE) in Warsaw, capital of Poland.  »
Statement by Vasilis considering Western Thrace Turks as national threat

Halit Habip Oğlu: “We are struggling only for our democratic rights and freedoms against excluding, discriminative and racist state policy which perceives Western Thrace Turks as a threat factor” »
Greece in the U.S. Religious Freedom Report for 2016

Halit Habip Oğlu: “As ABTTF as we do every year we will prepare a parallel report and we will convey the views of the Western Thrace Turkish community on the issues found deficient or superficial in the U.S. report” »
Demand of the Western Thrace Turkish community for having bilingual minority kindergartens persists

Halit Habip Oğlu: “With the demand of granting the right to education in mother tongue in preschool education we want bilingual minority kindergartens teaching in Turkish and Greek” »
Greece perseveres in implementing 240 Imams Law!

Halit Habip Oğlu: “The state’s ex parte and imposing policy ignoring criticisms and reactions of the Western Thrace Turkish community is unacceptable, we ask for annulment of the 240 Imams Law” »
ABTTF participated at the OSCE meeting on freedom of religion or belief

At the meeting representatives of the Western Thrace Turkish community criticized the intervention on religious autonomy and brought the recent legal proceedings for the religious leaders on the agenda. »
The Minority SafePack Initiative is now available for online signatures

European citizens everywhere can now support online the European Citizens’ Initiative for minorities. »
ABTTF submitted a written statement to the UN Human Rights Council

ABTTF communicated the problem of the Turkish community in Western Thrace regarding the right to education in mother tongue and bilingual minority kindergartens. »
Municipality of Mustafçova(Myki) demanded the personnel to be recruited for the EU program have a command of Turkish, prosecution office started investigation

Mufti of Komotini İbrahim Şerif called once again to bear testimony!

Halit Habip Oğlu: “Greek authorities’ intention of intimidation and suppression against muftis who are religious leaders of the Western Thrace Turks should immediately come to an end.”  »
Masjid belonging to Western Thrace Turks in Thessaloniki closed down!

Halit Habip Oğlu: “Greece hinders the Western Thrace Turks from exercising their prayer freely by closing down the masjids in Alexandria, Didymoteicho and now in Thessaloniki.” »
Western Thrace Turks are at the FUEN 2017 Congress

“Minority SafePack Initiative” was addressed as the main theme at the congress in all its aspects where ABTTF, WTMUGA and FEP Party attended as representatives of the Western Thrace Turkish community. »
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